The Top 5 WordPress Business Themes

If you’re a business owner, WordPress is one of the best websites to showcase your work. WordPress themes are clean, minimalist, and attractive, with pre-made pages and functions to ease your workload. But with so many options online, how do you choose the theme that’s right for you? Here’s a short ranking of some of the best business themes on the web.

1. Architekt

A sleek business theme with a minimalist design, Architekt is the ultimate in professionalism. This theme is classy and refined, with a simple layout that showcases your business and products.

2. Krown

If you’re looking for a clean, functional theme without frills or excess, Krown is the perfect theme for your business. Krown’s layout gets right to the point, with clean blocks of content so your clients can easily find what they’re looking for.

3. Consulting

The award-winning Consulting theme offers a touch of personality while still remaining professional. The dynamic layout engages your audience and makes them feel invited. It’s a great way to introduce clients to your work.

4. Focuson

For a big impact, the Focuson theme immediately attracts your clients’ attention and makes them want to learn more. The large title, photo, and block of content at the top of the page offers a welcome introduction to your business.

5. Kroth

If you’re looking for a neat, organized theme, Kroth is meticulously designed for a clean, orderly website. No clutter, no distracting elements–just neat blocks of content that are appealing to the eye.