New Year, New Site: Five Fresh WordPress Themes For 2017

What’s your focus in 2017? Eating healthier? Learning a language? Freshening up your web presence?

No matter the resolution, ringing in the new year with an attempt at transformation is common. And while conventional wisdom posits that ‘now’ is always the best time to make a change, there’s something refreshing, and inspiring, about the start of a new year. With that in mind, here are five vibrant WordPress themes to channel the bold and exciting feeling of beginning again.

BONUS: All listed themes are available for under $60.

  • Socha: Socha is a simple, smooth, springy, and bright orange responsive WordPress theme.
  • Beautiful Watercolor: Available in six colours – pink, blue, yellow, green, grey, and purple – Beautiful Watercolor is a versatile pastel WordPress theme. Even the grey version of this theme evokes images of a bright winter morning; nothing dull or drab here.
  • Gold: Another flawlessly responsive WordPress theme, Gold is fresh, enticing, and pleasant.
  • Unik: Unik is a responsive, green WordPress theme that pops with color and effects. Scroll vertically for content that slides into view from the right, left, and bottom of the screen.
  • Love Travel: Pulling every color of the rainbow into this WordPress theme, Love Travel is an exciting vertical scrolling theme.